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Elsie Inglis Award

By November 16, 2015November 14th, 2023No Comments

It was with much appreciation that I received funding from the Elsie Inglis staff development awards to support my attendance at the Royal College of Nursing International Research Nurse Conference in April earlier this year.


Although we work hard within EMERGE, constantly striving to improve patient care through trials and studies, it is hugely important to share our work nationally and internationally, so that positive and negative results can be shared. One way to achieve this is by attending conferences and meeting colleagues from other hospitals around the world.
I delivered two presentations at the conference, presenting the results of two studies which were carried out in the Emergency Department (ED) LAVAS and CVLA. Afterwards I was approached by the editor of the Emergency Nurse journal, who asked me to write an article on what my role as a research nurse involves and why emergency nurses should be interested in research. This was another key opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to research and develop professional contacts.
It was a huge honour to receive an email from Edinburgh Lothian and Health Foundation to attend their annual meeting and receive an Elsie Inglis certificate of achievement award and badge. I would like to convey my sincere thanks to them for allowing me to have this opportunity.
Thank you Elsie Inglis.