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Research –A patient’s Perspective

By May 26, 2015November 14th, 2023No Comments

Meet Hilda. Hilda is 91 and has heart failure. In February 2015 participated in the RELAX 2 study, a drug trial researching Serelaxin . She kindly shares her experience with us: 

“I have never taken part in a research study before and do not know anyone else who has. I agreed to take part in the RELAX 2 study for heart failure because I saw it as a good thing. It might not help me but it might help people in the future. I think my age might have contributed to my participation.

I felt the attention given to me at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh was marvellous and I was delighted to give something back. The EMERGE research team did an exemplary job at explaining everything to me and allowing me time to consider my participation before I agreed. I felt no pressure to take part – I wanted to help.

I had complete trust in the research team and had no concerns at any point. I was treated with the utmost respect, even my friends and family commented on what lovely people the research team were. I took to each and every one of them and particularly enjoyed the extra attention I received because I was in the study.

Participating in the RELAX 2 study gave me a greater understanding of research and I was surprised to discover that so many people are needed to participate in research studies in order to answer questions about the future of medicine and in order to improve care for patients.

Overall I think patients should definitely be approached to participate in research and I personally believe it is a great opportunity for people.

My experience with the study and the research team was marvellous and I would not hesitate to recommend to others to participate in research.

For me, my favourite part was all the attention I got and to meet the lovely research team. I am also glad that they felt my story should be told.”

And from the research team – a very big thank you to Hilda, your support is highly motivating for us.