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A History of Researching Angina

By June 11, 2018November 14th, 2023No Comments

Early research of angina started from a study of 20 patients presenting with pain in the breast & arm area. Now over 685,000 patients are treated for heart -related problems in Scotland. Inspired by research? Read more at about the evolving understanding of chest pain here: History of Angina

At the EMERGE10 conference, our chest pain presentations and guest speakers will include:

  • Dr Marc Dweck: ‘Picturing the heart in 2020’
  • Dr Edd Carlton: ‘Troponin- all that glitters is not gold’
  • Professor Rick Body: ‘Troponin- is only part of the story’
  • Professor Nick Mills: ‘Troponin is everything’

Followed by a panel discussion on; ‘The Future of Chest Pain Assessment- community, pre-hospital and secondary’

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