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IPED goes large!

Posted by Rachel O'Brien | 17 Jan 2017

IPED goes large!

EMERGE is delighted to announce that the IPED study has gone multi-centre.

Following interest from other EDs to participate in the study, Matt, Mia and I have since set up 5 more EDs across the UK to recruit to IPED. We are pleased to welcome to the team:
 Dr. Liza Keating and the urgent care research team from the Royal Berkshire Hospital
 Dr. James Gagg and the ED research Team from Musgrove Park Hospital in Taunton
 Professor Tim Harris and the ED Research Team from the Royal London Hospital
 Dr. Gavin Lloyd and the ED Research team from Royal Devon and Exeter Foundation Trust
 Professor Jason Smith and Ros Squire from Derriford Hospital in Plymouth
These teams bring with them a wealth of research experience and is a great opportunity for EMERGE to further collaborations across emergency medicine research and grow research in the specialty.

Further information on the IPED study can be found in the projects section.

2017 Annual Team Meeting – EMERGE-RRG What does a Research Nurse actually do?

What does a Research Nurse actually do?

30 Nov 2017 | Miranda Odam

Working as a research nurse is an unusually challenging, stimulating and fascinating speciality - whether it is as a research nurse in emergency medicine, critical care or the Clinical Research Facility - research nursing has something for everyone. And any nurse can do it ;) NHS Lothian has an enormous portfolio of research happening on every ward and down every corridor. Research nurses identify suitable patients, and give them the opportunity to enter innovative and leading studies and trials. It is well know that research is an opportunity for patients, we also know that research improves patient care. So why not give it a go? There are band 5, 6 and 7 research nurse posts throughout NHS Lothian - and we would all be delighted to speak with you and share our appreciation for research. It's not dull, and you don't need to write your own research project - having an attention to detail and a love of team work are key characteristics, and of course a willingness to be enthusiastic and excited about your projects. Join us on 1st February 2018 to learn more about the role, and the various specialities that are research active Seminar room 6 Chancellors building, RIE

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