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Below are details of all current trials at EMERGE. Either click the area you are interested to see relevant studies or scroll through all our work.

If there is a study you’re interested in that isn’t listed here or you’d like to discuss a study with us then please get in touch. If you’re interested in a commercial collaboration and EMERGE evaluating something for you the please visit our Commercial Collaboration page.


LogoTitleDescriptionFunding BodyChief/Principal InvestigatorKey ContactStatus
ASPIREDMulti-centre open label randomised controlled trial of immediate enhanced ambulatory ECG monitoring versus standard monitoring in acute unexplained syncope patients
British Heart Foundation Professor Matt ReedCaroline BlackstockOpen to Recruitment
POC-ETPoint of Care Evaluation of high-sensitivity cardiac Troponin (POC-ET) studyBritish Heart FoundationProfessor Nick MillsFiona McCurrachOpen to Recruitment
TARGET-CTCA TrialTroponin in Acute chest pain to Risk stratify and Guide EffecTive use of Computed Tomography Coronary Angiography British Heart FoundationProfessor Nick MillsRachel O’BrienClosed - in analysis stage

Stroke and Neurosurgery

LogoTitleDescriptionFunding BodyChief/Principal InvestigatorKey ContactStatus
BRAINED3BRAINED3Assessing the performance of Infrared blood-based spectroscopy technology and its ability to identify patients suffering from non-specific symptoms who have a brain cancer.Dr Paul BrennanShona McDonaldOpen for Recruitment
BRAIN MATRIXA BRitish feasibility study of molecular stratification and targeted therapy to optimize the clinical mAnagement of patieNts with glioMA by enhancing clinical ouTcomes, Reducing avoidable toXicity, improving management of post-operative residual & recurrent disease and improving survivorshipThe Brain Tumour Charity and Genomics EnglandDr Paul BrennanAllan MacRaildOpen to Recruitment
Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF) CollectionCerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF) CollectionCollection of otherwise discarded surplus brain tissue from tumour surgery via the NHS Lothian BioResourceRace Against Dementia/ James Dyson FoundationDr Paul Brennan, Claire DurrantAllan MacRaildOpen to Recruitment
Feasibility Study of the CT Clock Tool for Estimating Onset Time of Ischaemic StrokeFeasibility Study of the CT Clock Tool for Estimating Onset Time of Ischaemic Stroke.
Our proposed CT Clock Tool method for estimating the time of stroke onset (and thus clarifying individual patient eligibility for effective treatment) is significantly simpler to use in the acute setting than the advanced methods currently available (CT perfusion or MRI)
MRC (Medical Research Council) Impact Acceleration Account (IAA)Dr Grant MairAllan MacRaildOpen to Recruitment
ENRICH-AFENRICH-AFEdoxabaN foR IntraCranial Hemorrhage survivors with Atrial FibrillationDaiichi Sankyo
Professor Rustam Al-Shahi SalmanAnuka BoldbaatarOpen to Recruitment
IMPACTInternational Post Market Product Surveillance Study of Intracranial Aneurysms Treated
with an Endovascular Approach
STRYKERDr Jonny DownerAllan MacRaildOpen to Recruitment
Live Human Brain Tissue CollectionLive Human Brain Tissue CollectionCollection of otherwise discarded surplus brain tissue from tumour surgery via the NHS Lothian BioResourceRace Against Dementia/ James Dyson FoundationDr Paul Brennan, Claire DurrantAllan MacRaildOpen to Recruitment
MASTMAST-Prophylaxis and MAST-Duration trials aim to define best practice in the use of anti-epileptic drugs for patients following a traumatic brain injuryNIHRDr Paul BrennanAnuka BoldbaatarOpen to Recruitment
Oceanic StrokePhase 3 study to investigate the efficacy and safety of the oral FXIa inhibitor
asundexian (BAY 2433334) compared with placebo in participants after an acute non-cardioembolic ischemic stroke or high-risk TIA
Bayer AGNeil HunterSarah RisbridgerOpen to Recruitment
PhEASTPharyngeal Electrical stimulation for Acute Stroke dysphagia TrialNational Institute of Health Research Health Technology Assessment program Devices supplied by Phagenesis Ltd
Richard O’BrienSarah RisbridgerOpen to Recruitment
PLINTHPLatform study for INTracerebral Haemorrhage (PLINTH): community-based feasibility studyChief Scientist OfficeProfessor Rustam Al-Shahi SalmanAllan MacRaildOpen to Recruitment
PreSizeReal-World Performance Evaluation of
PreSize Neurovascular Medical Software
in a Clinical Setting
Oxford HeartbeatDr Jonny DownerSarah RisbridgerOpen to Recruitment
TICH-3A randomised double-blind trial to assess the clinical effectiveness of Tranexamic acid after ICH and determine whether Tranexamic acid should be used in clinical practice.NIHRNeshika SamarasekeraAnuka BoldbaatarOpen to Recruitment
TREATTrenza Embolization Device for Intrasaccular Aneurysm TreatmentSTRYKERDr Jonny Downer
Allan MacRaildOpen to Recruitment
TRIDENTTriple therapy prevention of Recurrent Intracerebral Disease EveNts TrialNeshika SamarasekeraAllan MacRaildClosed to Recruitment
SEALANTSEALANT: Safety and Effectiveness Analysis of stent assisted coiling with LVIS® Evo™ and HydroCoil® Embolic
System in ANeurysm Treatment
MicroventionDr Jonny DownerAnuka BoldbaatarClosed to Recruitment
Assessing Treatment and Outcome of Patients With Primary Brain Tumours Assessing Treatment and Outcome of Patients With Primary Brain TumoursObservational Study for Assessing Treatment and Outcome of Patients With Primary Brain Tumours Diagnosed According to cIMPACT-NOW Recommendations and the 2021 WHO ClassificationEuropean Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer - EORTCDr Paul BrennanAnuka BoldbaatarIn Set Up
EASEEASE: Evaluating Antidepressants for emotionaliSm after strokeEvaluating Antidepressants for emotionaliSm after strokeNIHRYvonne ChunAnuka BoldbaatarIn Set Up
RESTART-tICHRESTART-tICHA Randomised Trial of Timing to Restart Direct Oral Anticoagulants after Traumatic Intracranial HaemorrhageNIHRDr Paul BrennanAnuka BoldbaatarIn Set Up
STOP ‘EMSurgeons Trial Of Prophylaxis for Epilepsy in seizure naive patients with Meningioma: a randomised controlled trialNIHRDr Paul BrennanAnuka BoldbaatarIn Set Up


LogoTitleDescriptionFunding BodyChief/Principal InvestigatorKey ContactStatus
HiSNAPThe HiSNAP Trial aims to test conventional (200mg/kg) versus higher (450mg/kg and 600mg/kg) doses of the drug N-Acetylcysteine (known as NAC) which is commonly used to treat the effects of paracetamol overdoseChief Scientist OfficeProfessor James DearAnna MiellOpen to Recruitment
TIPSSTIPSSThis trial aims to determine where in the body sulbutiamine/benfotiamine is converted to thiamine.Medical Research Council (MRC) (Confidence in Concept Fund)Professor Michael EddlestonAnna MiellClosed
Thiamine in CSFThiamine in CSFThis study aims to compare several forms of thiamine by testing the absorption into the blood and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) at different time points after taking a doseProfessor Michael EddlestonAnna MiellClosed
POC-DILIPOC-DILIThe Point-of-care Assessment of Drug-Induced Liver Injury (POC-DILI) Study aims to develop blood testing for liver injury during the early stages of assessment of people who have taken a paracetamol overdose.Medical Research Council (MRC)Professor James DearAnna MiellIn Set Up
POP2POP2A Randomised, Double-blind, Placebo-Controlled, Phase 2/3 Study with 2 Doses of Calmangafodipir in Increased Risk Patients Treated with N Acetylcysteine for Acetaminophen/Paracetamol OverdoseEgetis TherapeuticsProfessor James DearJulia Grahamslaw/Caroline BlackstockIn Set Up

Blood Project Group

LogoTitleDescriptionFunding BodyChief/Principal InvestigatorKey ContactStatus
National Code Red AuditThe aim of this audit is to monitor and optimise the transfusion support given to patients following major trauma in Scotland.SNBTSProfessor Matt ReedProfessor Matt ReedOpen to Recruitment


LogoTitleDescriptionFunding BodyChief/Principal InvestigatorKey ContactStatus
EVISEarly Vasopressors in SepsisDr. Alasdair Corfield
Julia Grahamslaw &Fiona McCurrach Open to Recruitment


LogoTitleDescriptionFunding BodyChief/Principal InvestigatorKey ContactStatus
CRAFT-CTCACRAFT-CTCAObservational study in patients with kidney failure who are on the waitlist for a kidney transplant.Professor 'Bean' Neeraj DhaunBeth MorrisonOpen to Recruitment
OCTOCTAssessment of retinal vasculature using optical coherence tomography in
health, hypertension & kidney disease
Professor 'Bean' Neeraj DhaunBeth MorrisonOpen to Recruitment
SPARVASCSPARVASCSPARsentan treatment in VASCulitis
- Endothelin receptor antagonism to reduce cardiovascular risk in ANCA-associated vasculitis.
University of Edinburgh & (collaborator) Travere Therapeutics, Inc.Professor 'Bean' Neeraj DhaunBeth MorrisonOpen to Recruitment
AFiRMAFiRMApplication of Functional Renal MRI to improve assessment of chronic kidney diseaseNational Institute for Health ResearchProfessor 'Bean' Neeraj DhaunBeth MorrisonClosed to Recruitment
KRAKIL StudyKidney Recovery after Acute Kidney Injury – Longitudinal studyMedical Research CouncilProfessor James DearBeth MorrisonClosed to Recruitment
SpartanSpartanInvestigating sparsentan treatment in renin angiotensin system (RAS) blockade-naïve patients with biopsy-proven immunoglobulin A nephropathy (IgAN).Professor 'Bean' Neeraj DhaunBeth MorrisonClosed to Recruitment

Trauma, Surgical and Orthopaedics

LogoTitleDescriptionFunding BodyChief/Principal InvestigatorKey ContactStatus
RELIEFThe Randomised Evaluation of early topical Lidocaine patches In Elderly patients admitted to hospital with rib Fractures (RELIEF): feasibility trialNorth Bristol NHS TrustDr. Edward CarltonFiona McCurrachCompleting Follow Up
RACERRACERRobotic Arthroplasty: a Clinical and cost Effectiveness Randomised controlled trialMs Chloe ScottVictoria MinnisClosed to Recruitment


LogoTitleDescriptionFunding BodyChief/Principal InvestigatorKey ContactStatus
BACHbBreathing Assistance in CHildren with bronchiolitis (BACHb): a group-sequential two-stratum multicentre open-label randomised clinical trial of respiratory support in infants with acute bronchiolitisNational Institute of Health ResearchDr David ArmstrongCaroline BlackstockOpen to recruitment
MASTPharmacological Management of Seizures post Traumatic Brain Injury.NIHRDr Jay ShettyAshleigh HeganOpen to recruitment
FIDOValidating clinical decision aids for the assessment and management of febrile infants presenting to emergency care in the UK and Ireland. Royal College of Emergency Medicine Doctoral FellowshipDr Thomas WaterfieldAshleigh HeganClosed to Recruitment


LogoTitleDescriptionFunding BodyChief/Principal InvestigatorKey ContactStatus
CoMiTEDConservative Management in Traumatic Pneumothoraces in the Emergency Department (CoMiTED)NIHR-HTAProfessor Edward Carlton/Dr Lyle MoncurCaroline BlackstockOpen to Recruitment
CONSEPTConservative versus Standard care for primary spontaneous Pneumothorax (CONSEPT)
North Bristol NHS Trust
Research & Innovation
Dr Marie-Clare HarrisAlison GrantOpen to Recruitment
MAILMacrophage Therapy For Acute Liver Injury (MAIL) Trial: A Phase 1 Randomised, Blinded, Dose-Escalation Study to Evaluate Safety, Tolerability, and Activity of Allogeneic Alternatively Activated Macrophages (AAM) in Patients with Paracetamol-induced Acute Liver Injury.Professor James DearAlison GrantOpen to Recruitment
POS-ARI-ERPOS-ARI-ERThe POS-ARI-ER study is a multicentre, Perpetual Observational Study of patients with suspected Acute Respiratory Infections presenting via Emergency Rooms and other acute hospital care settings.Dr Jon CarterShona McDonaldOpen to Recruitment
RECOVERY TrialRECOVERY is an international clinical trial identifying treatments that be beneficial for people hospitalised with pneumoniaNIHR Oxford Biomedical Research Centre, the Wellcome TrustProfessor Alasdair GrayRachel O’BrienOpen to Recruitment
CoSTEDCessation Of Smoking Trial in the Emergency DepartmentNorfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS
Foundation Trust (NNUH)
Professor Alasdair GrayAnna MiellClosed to Recruitment
FORCE:SEEFORCE:SEEFrailty and Outcomes Record in Clinical Environments: probable Sarcopenia, geriatric Evaluation, and EventsDr Alixe KilgourVictoria MinnisClosed to Recruitment

Innovation Studies


LogoTitleDescriptionFunding BodyChief/Principal InvestigatorKey ContactStatus
NOVEL2 StudyCollection of Venous and Capillary Blood Samples for the Development of New Diagnostic Devices for Cardiovascular ConditionsLumiraDXProfessor Alasdair GrayEllise ClarkeOpen to Recruitment
PERFORM-TSIXClinical Performance of Elecsys® Troponin T hs Gen 6 in Subjects with Symptoms of Acute Coronary Syndrome. The purpose of this research study is to evaluate the performance of the investigational diagnostic test which may help doctors diagnose heart attacks faster and more accurately than they can today. RocheProfessor Richard Body/ Dr Stephen LynchCaroline BlackstockClosed to Recruitment

Medical Wearable Device studies

LogoTitleDescriptionFunding BodyChief/Principal InvestigatorKey ContactStatus
ASPIREDMulti-centre open label randomised controlled trial of immediate enhanced ambulatory ECG monitoring versus standard monitoring in acute unexplained syncope patientsBritish Heart FoundationProfessor Matt ReedCaroline BlackstockOpen to Recruitment

Data Projects

Data Science

LogoTitleDescriptionFunding BodyChief/Principal InvestigatorKey ContactStatus
Improving Multi-Morbidity Acute Care Using Data AnalyticsSBRI: Improving Multi-Morbidity Acute Care Using Data AnalyticsHealth Innovation South East Scotland / Innovate UKNaz Lone/Professor Matt ReedProfessor Matt ReedOngoing
Improving Care through Data Driven InnovationMultimorbidity and Emergency Healthcare Provision: Improving Care through Data Driven InnovationWellcome Trust ISSF3Naz Lone/Professor Matt ReedProfessor Matt ReedOngoing
EMERGE BiobankA project to develop a prospective, consecutive, emergency, bio resource for emergency presentationsn/aProfessor Matt ReedProfessor Matt ReedOngoing