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Do you consent patients who don’t have capacity?

For some studies, the patient can be consented to take part in a study. This scenario will only arise when the patient doesn’t have capacity, and the study is authorised to recruit patients who do not have consent. Therefore the research team will contact either the treating clinician or the patient’s relative to ask, in thier opinion, if it is in the best interest of the patient for them to take part in the study. If the relative or treating clinician disagrees, the patient will not take part in the study. Once the patient has recovered capacity, the research team will visit the patient to inform them about thier participation and ask if they are still happy to take part.

In all situations, it is the research team’s priority to gain consent from the patient themselves.


What studies are you currently working on?

EMERGE focuses on ensuring that patients visiting the emergency department can be diagnosed and treated efficiently and safely.

More details on the studies we are currently running can be found here


If I came to the emergency department today, could I take part in one of the studies?

If you visited the emergency department today, a member of our research team will visit you if they see that you are eligible to take part in one of the studies that we are running at the time.


My friend/relative has a hearing/sight/language problem- would this stop them taking part in the study?

No- we aim to provide the opportunity to take part in research to everyone visiting the emergency department. Therefore if you have a hearing or sight impairment, or you struggle to read or speak English, we have methods in place so that you can still take part in research.


Would taking part in a study change my care whilst in hospital?

Taking part in a research study will not impact on any of your clinical care whilst in hospital.


How do I receive the latest EMERGE news?

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