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Chest, Heart and Stroke Scotland: Discover how the PATCH-ED trail improved Rob’s life after experiencing blackouts, uploaded on 05/10/2018. View Rob’s story here:


BBC Scotland news report on the PATCH-ED trial, broadcasted on 11/10/2018, view at:


Wokingham Paper reports: ‘Heart Trial Helps Destress Josephine’:


The Reading Chronicle reports: ‘Registrar praises innovative app which helps monitor heart rate’, dated 16/05/2018, read more at:


National Institution for Health Research reports: ‘Berkshire woman staying healthy since taking part in heart monitor research trial’, dated 17/05/2018, read more at:

European Society of Cardiology syncope guideline launch:

European Society of Cardiology present:  ‘2018 ESC Syncope Guidelines – Management of syncope in the ED based on risk stratification’ date 18/03/2018, view at:

Medic One pre-hospital blood launch/Blood Group:

STV news report on the work that Medic One are doing to administer blood transfusions at the scene of the incident, broadcasted on 03/12/2016, view at:

DCD2 Organ Donation:

The Scotsman: ‘Heart Attack Organ Donor Pilot Scheme’, dated 22/01/2013, read more at:


STV: ‘Heart attack victims to be able to donate organs for the first time’, view at:


The Herald: ‘Hospital in bid to boost transplants’, dated 22/01/2013, read more at:


The Herald: ‘Pilot donor scheme with the potential to save lives’, date 22/01/2013, read more at:


NHS Lothian

‘Uncontrolled Organ Donation after Circulatory Death in the Emergency Department’, dated 16/09/2014


BBC News: ‘Organ Donor Pilot Scheme Launched’, read more at:

Resuscitation Research Group:

Discover how Gregor’s family saved his life through CPR. View Gregor’s story here:


The Chain of Survival can be viewed here: