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Emily Godden

Emily Godden

Senior Research Nurse - Renal/Acute Medicine

Emily started her Nursing career working in the Renal unit here at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh. She remarks “It  has never been a dull day working as a Renal nurse, I have met so many remarkable individuals living with kidney disease and I am always humbled by how much resilience, wisdom and charisma people show during particularly difficult periods of their lives. It has always felt such an honour to help care for this patient group”.  

Emily also comments on how much she has always admired and learnt from her colleagues in the renal unit, all of whom have the patient at the heart of their work. She began to develop an interest in research after hearing about studies her medical colleagues were carrying out. Emily was really excited about the thought of improving care and outcomes for this patient group and so was delighted when the role of the Renal Research Nurse was created.  

Emily adds that “Joining a team of researchers dedicated to improving healthcare has been an amazing experience, It has been inspiring to see how the EMERGE team has pioneered healthcare within the emergency department.  I am very grateful for all the support and expertise that the EMERGE team have offered me in developing the Renal branch of the team”