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Julia Grahamslaw

Julia Grahamslaw

Lead Research Nurse

Julia is part of the senior management team with the Emergency Medicine Research Group EMERGE at the Royal Infirmary in Edinburgh and has played a key role in the growth and success of the team. In this role she has lead and managed the team to deliver a large portfolio of studies collaborating with multiple specialties. This position has involved developing staff in a variety of roles and setting up and supporting the development of satellite groups within NHS Lothian including Paediatrics and St John’s Hospital.

Julia has worked on a number of studies from EMERGE’s wide portfolio since 2012, currently she is lead research nurse for the EVIS trial, (Early Vasopressors in sepsis) she has a keen interest sepsis having previously worked on the ABC sepsis trial, amongst others.

Julia was also given the opportunity to co-ordinate and deliver a phase 1 trial in an Emergency Department, the POP trial. This was a Randomised Open Label Exploratory, Safety and Tolerability Clinical Trial looking at a new drug (Calmangafodipir) in combination with Acetylcysteine to prevent liver damage after Paracetamol poisoning. This interest has continued by collaborating with toxicology to drive and stratify the management and care we give to this patient group.

Out of work Julia has a passion for health and fitness particularly in nutritional science; she loves to be outdoors, especially on her paddleboard!