PLatform study for INTracerebral Haemorrhage (PLINTH): community-based feasibility study
The primary objective of this study is to determine the feasibility of recruiting an inclusive, diverse and representative sample of people with incident ICH to a future PLINTH involving multiple RCTs addressing management uncertainties after ICH.

Clinical trials have not found a treatment that works specifically for stroke caused by bleeding in the brain, known as intracerebral haemorrhage (ICH for short). Most clinical trials have studied one treatment at a time and included only 1 in 10 people with ICH. That’s why each clinical trial recruited only 77 participants on average. A PLatform trial for INTracerebral Haemorrhage (PLINTH) will change this by investigating several treatments and giving everyone with ICH an opportunity to take part.

We intend PLINTH to be large, inclusive, efficient and assess several treatments for ICH. First, we must do a feasibility study to work out whether PLINTH can succeed.

We will find people recently diagnosed with ICH in Lothian and Lanarkshire and invite them to take part in our feasibility study. We will provide them with personalised information using Tailored Talks. We will find out if PLINTH is acceptable to people with ICH, carers, and doctors. We will use data that are collected routinely to follow participants’ progress. Characteristics and outcomes of participants will help design PLINTH.

Patient & public involvement:
We asked ICH survivors about PLINTH: 92% strongly agreed that working out how to do a platform study to find treatments for ICH is a priority. An ICH survivor is in our team.
Dissemination: We will produce easy access reports and share them with people with ICH, carers, healthcare professionals, and the public in their preferred format (printed, email, social media, and on our website

Status: active

Start Date

October 2023

Chief Investigator

Prof Rustam Al-Shahi Salman (PI)

Coordinated by

Allan MacRaild

Main Trial Site

Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh

End date

March 2025